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American Standard Heavyweight


Here is a name you haven’t heard in a while… American Standard Car Company!

Well…Scale City Designs is pleased to announce we have acquired all of the pattern work for these beautiful heavyweight cars from David Duncan of Pullman Scale Manufacturing. Those of you not familiar, the original patterns were done by Ralph Brown of Illinois. Ralph was a meticulous pattern & model maker. He spent countless hours of research to produce probably the best, most accurate models of these beautiful pullman heavyweight cars. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, he was able to produce about 70 cars including the absolutely amazing C&O George Washington Set.

Over the next few months we will be making all new molds of the kits to produce nice crisp castings as you are to expect from the quality we already produce within the Scale City Designs line. The kits will be supplied with ends, sides, roof, floor, and some basic details. We will be assembling upgrade underbody kits and accurate levels of interior kits from basic to extreme. Mr. Duncan is one of the most knowledgeable people on the Pullman cars as he has studied them his entire life. We will be working with him and our ability to do in house 3d design to make some incredibly detailed add on kits for those wanting to bring the cars to the next level. We know paint and decals is also what makes it hesitant to build a kit, that’s why we carry the complete line of Tru-Color paint and have just finished the artwork for fresh new pullman decals. We are doing our best to make sure this will be a kit you can get, build, and enjoy quickly!

As a special introductory for those who preorder the kits, we are offering most cars at the same price they were 25 years ago! WOW!

For the preorder we are NOT ACCEPTING ANY UPFRONT PAYMENT! So the price you will pay for the kit is actually in strikethrough grey, the kit will not be free its just because its a preorder. Shipping charges will be added per zip code not free (again with the preorder and not accepting upfront money)

About a week before your kit is ready to ship we will email you a grand total and links to pay with CC, Paypal, or check.

We are also planning a 1 time special discount for interior kits and detail parts only offered to those who preorder. It will pay to preorder.

**Pre-order of a kit does not guarantee the kit. We foresee no known issues but until all patterns/molds are checked/cast there is the possibility of damaged pattern.